We are continuing to look for new opportunities in “emerging” markets. Our primary target area has been the state of Florida, but we are expanding to other states and emerging markets. 

Investing in Emerging Markets:
- Markets with population and job growth, year over year.
- Florida has some of the least expensive real estate in the country.
- Florida has very attractive weather and lifestyle, population growth is significant.
- no State taxes in Florida.
- Ft Myers, the largest city in the region, will be home to Hertz’s new world headquarters.
- physical assets are more secure than the stock market and the current opportunity is very unique.
- we have a local presence, real estate broker, property management, and an experienced team.
- we invest for the income from property rentals and the capital gains.
- Our time frame to Hold is approximately 3-5 years.
- In Florida, the Median sale prices rose 32.1% in the past.

We continues to seek partners and investors interested in successful, stable, long term investments in Multi-Family, Service-Oriented strip malls and/or residential Assisted Living Facilities. 

Our focus in the acquisition of Multi-Family properties range in approx. 25-150 units. We Target B and C class properties. These may be defined as:

Class A- upscale and luxury properties

Class B- middle class districts

Class C-working class or blue collar regions

Class D- properties that should be avoided.

Geographic Focus

Target Properties

Mission Statement 

Latest News

- 7/2019 - Yates Group is pleased to announce they have diversified some of their assets recently in Central Florida, and provided strong returns for their investors.  The entity known as Riviera Shadow Wood LP (two Multi-Family apartment complexes in Central Florida) was sold in July 2019 well exceeding all projections and in the timeframe of 3.5 years. Investors earned a total return of 119% on their initial investment during the hold period.

- 8/2019 - Yates Group invests in Ashgrove Apartments, a 92 unit apartment complex in the Stone Mountain submarket of Atlanta, Georgia.

- Nov 2018 - Yates group invests in Coronado Hills Apartments, a 68-unit garden-style community located in Big Spring, Texas.

- May 2018 - Yates Group and partner closes an 83 unit apartment complex in Branson, MI.

- Sept 2017 - Yates Group recently invested in a 200 unit apartment complex in Atlanta, our first investment into the Georgia marketplace.

- 2017 - Yates Group invests in Boswell Towne Center – Saginaw, Texas . A high-quality 21,290 square feet anchored retail center.

 - 2017 - Yates Group invests in Lynnwood Garden Apartments - 88 units in Huntsville, Alabama.  

 - 8/12/2015 - Yates Group invests in 194 apartment complex in Pensacola, Florida.


Yates Group USA LLC has controlling interest or invested in over 1000 units.

The Yates Family investor group (Yates Group USA LLC), established in 1980, seeks partners and investor contacts interested in successful, stable, long term investments in Multi-Family, Service-Oriented strip malls and/or residential Assisted Living Facilities.


We are engaged in the identification, acquisition, ownership and operation of revenue producing real estate properties. The Yates Group has a successful track record of real estate investment, sales and marketing.


As a team, we have proven ourselves adept in identifying undervalued and underperforming properties, acquiring such properties and enhancing values.


Looking to combine their buying power to:

- Increase leverage

- Gain economies of scale

- Take advantage of the US real estate opportunity.