who we are

Matt Yates P.A.

is Owner/Broker of Anchor Light Realty LLC in the Fort Myers area.  He has lived in the Florida region for 8 years and is experienced as a contractor, realtor, and property manager.  He has over 20 years experience as an entrepreneur in other areas such as Heavy Equipment, Restaurant industry, Health and Fitness.  He is currently  managing approximately 50 properties in  Southwest Florida. 

J. Roger Yates  P. E.

is a professional engineer, licensed in several states and has been involved in real estate since 1980. In his engineering career, he was vice-president of two global engineering companies. Expertise includes: steel industry; environmental; wind power and sustainable development. His 1st Florida purchase was in 2003. Since 2010 he has focused exclusively on Florida real estate and is CEO of Tynedale Enterprises LLC, a Florida real estate holding company.



Roger W. Yates   B.A.

Is a results oriented professional, engaged in the identification, acquisition, ownership and operation of revenue producing real estate with Yates Group (YG).  Prior to this Roger spent 17 years in the high-tech marketplace with industry leaders such as Oracle, Novell, and Computer Associates.  Roger has a successful track record of real estate investment, profitable acquisitions and portfolio management. His experience in asset management, underwriting, identification, and operations of revenue producing commercial properties has contributed to YG’s success.

Norma Yates   B.A.

has run a very successful company performing construction, rehabbing and property management since 1980.  She began working in the housing industry with the purchasing and restoration of historic homes.  This led to her becoming a landlord and property manager in both residential and commercial buildings.  Her first Florida purchase was in 2003 and since then she has focused solely on Florida real estate.   

The Yates family’s real estate experience dates back to 1980 as "Tynedale Construction", purchasing 100 year old houses, restoring and selling them after the renovations. Along the way we became landlords in the residential and commercial business. The first purchase in Florida was 2003 (Punta Gorda Isles, Florida).


After the real estate market bubble burst in 2007, the Yates family started using personal resources and capital to acquire real estate in Florida. To date they have purchased, upgraded or rehabbed, rented and now successfully manage a portfolio of single family and multifamily housing, diversifying into some commercial.


In addition to having in-house acquisition, rental qualification, property management, and collection expertise we have also assembled a group of sub-contractors, skilled trades, professional advisers, accounting and other resources needed to run a successful, profitable business.